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Gymnast since the age of eight, I discovered circus arts at 18 by integrating training to become circus teacher in resorts (2009 - 2011). I discovered a new passion and a desire to learn that does not stop, I discovered my favorite one and the one who will be my main discipline, the flying trapeze that I will have the chance to practice for two years.

From 2011 to 2012, I worked for Les ateliers de la piste Achille Zavatta as a circus coach before getting my first job as an artist in an amusement park called Parc Asterix.

Simultaneously, I kept gymnastic training and I was also gymnastics coach for male section in my gymnastics club in Illzach.

French championship rankings:

  • 3th in 2003
  • 5th in 2012
  • 9th in 2013
By team
  • 1st 2009, national division 7
  • 2th 2012, national division 5
  • 7th 2013, national division 1
photo de trapeze volant

Pierre et Vacances

October 2009 - September 2011

Cap Esterel / Port Bourgenay

Discovery of circus arts, practice of different disciplines, juggling, fixed trapeze, swinging trapeze, acrobatics on the floor and the main one, flying trapeze. After a few months of training I’m going to work in Port Bourgenay resort.

I will give circus class in the morning with kids and flying trapeze class in the afternoon with adults.

portrait de l'artiste

Simultaneously some resorts show with some basic choreographies and especially flying trapeze training in the afternoon and flying trapeze show once a week.

It’s during these shows I discovered the pleasure to be on stage and gave me the motivation and desire to keep training and learning some new disciplines.

Parc Astérix

October 2012 - June 2016

Paris, France

October 2012 | October 2013

Creation with Jean-Claude Cotillard

- Dramatic actor, gargoyle role for the Peur sur le parc event during Halloween season, Street performance / Acting / Acrobatics

photo de l'artiste jouant le rôle de gargouille

Season 2013 - Season 2014

Already existing show

- Acrobat, GIGN role for La legion recrute show, Acrobatics / Stunt / Acting

  • Artistic director: Véronique Levieil
  • Assistant: Jean-François Fourny
  • Stunt coordinator: David Grolleau
photo de l'artiste pendant le specatcle

Season 2015 - Season 2016

Creation with Jean-Claude Cotillard

- New show creation Gaulois vs Romains - Le Match - New show creation

- la Patrouille Street performance with acrobatics / Acting / Stunt

photo de l'artiste pendant le spectacle

October 2015

Already existing role

- The Beast role for Peur sur le Parc event during Halloween season, Street performance / Acrobatics / Acting

photo de l'artiste pendant le spectacle


June 2016

Kosice, Slovakia

Flying trapeze artist for a circus school called Crique Evasion based close to Vesoul in France.

Creation of a flying trapeze act to take part of the Imaginacie festival taking place in Kosice in Slovakia.

photo sur la plateforme du trapèze volant
photo sur la plateforme du trapèze volant
photo du groupe de trapèze volant
  • Trapeze artist: Morgane Hours
  • Trapeze artist: Sébastien Maillet
  • Trapeze artist: Didier Kardous
  • Catcher: Alejandro Alvarez
photo du groupe de trapèze volant

La Perle By Dragone

October 2016 - March 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Director : Franco DRAGONE
  • Acrobatic Designer : Arnaud PAUQUET
  • Choreographers : Benoit SWANN - Elisa PETROLO / Pavel BRUN - Julia GAKHOVA - Maksim PASYUK

October 2016 - May 2017 Learning and training of different disciplines:

  • Diving: 3m / 5m / 7m / 11m
  • Russian / Korean Cradle
  • Swinging rings
  • Hand to hand
  • Chinese pole
  • Straps
  • Bungee straps

May 2017 - September 2017, creation with Franco Dragone

September 2017 - March 2020, 2 show per day, 5 days oer week

Main acts

  • Acrobatics on airtrack
  • Bungee straps
  • Banquine
photo de l'artiste au bungee straps

Other acts

  • V-pole
  • Acro Pole
  • Suspended pole
  • Straps

From January 2019 I became Back Up for one of the main characters called The Clown Prince originally played by Arthur Cadre.

photo de l'artiste au bungee straps
photo de l'artiste dans le role principale
photo de l'artiste en equilibre

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